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Peace and Light! The Regal People (TRP) would like to introduce you to our new and improved blog. Here you will find works that reflect Sex and Spirituality, Arts and Culture, Political Education, and Poetry, eloquently illustrated by various artists. We want to use our blog as a platform to showcase the talented folks that we have in our community. If you would like to submit your work please feel free to submit it to theregalpeople@gmail.com. Now, if you are new to the site we would like to explain to our best ability, “What exactly is The Regal People??”

    The Regal People is a Lifestyle Brand that focuses on human empowerment and uplifting the mentality of individuals through music, fashion, and art. It is vital that anything we create or any activity we are apart of, reflects our vision: that we all came from royalty and are beautiful and special in all of the different shapes, colors, and identities that intersect and make us who we are. Not only will our products help communicate and highlight that idea, but our actions will also set the tone.

We are ecstatic about the reboot of the blog and The Regal People's growth and the many opportunities that the brand has acquired. Brought to life through the music of TRP founder, Jemn Stone (formerly Elle Maxwell), the idea to uplift and empower has transformed into a lifestyle brand with an amazing interactive website, a music album with a second one in the works, and several fashion collections. We’ve vended at a number of institutions, as well as established collaborations with a plethora of artists, brands, and music festivals. TRP has also taken a firm commitment to support and partner with community organizations all across the country. So from all of us here we would like to say welcome to the The Regal People!