Words by Jemn Stone: 

These mediocre folx claim they woke, and that's a joke / Bring nothing to the table, labels throwing cash for pointless tropes / Gold chains, white coke, what's to gain when the system croaks / Get some pride got some hope / They got lies, I got the scope / Spit out rhymes, on time, on mines since 09 / Minus a year, for that fear, I pulled back from that shine / How kind, i gave a lesser chime and they still ain't up on their grind / Get it right make it nasty, throw dat shade gladly / So gone too long but enough to make my light strong / Beamin on these hoes Jemn Stone can't do no wrong / See my daggers two-pronged Money bout no where long / And that's cool ima keep it regal Keep calm while I gather sheeple / See me on this steeple / Doing things that queens do / Rocking my own shit, something prolly see through / Know you diggin on this riddle, even just a liddle / Go ahead and join the regal "get down" grab a fiddle / we all human, sometimes we get pimples / We all got skin and bones some of our booties got those dimples / So don't complicate it, keep that shit simple / We die to live another way way beyond our temple / Can you conceive the notion we just floatin not supposin / To be here, be there, somewhere coastin / And what you believe you are is what you boastin / Roastin in the pit of your demise / And you just get too high