Bout a week ago

Hey Regal People - 

It's ya girl JEMN. I decided to start making these posts more personal because over here we're all family - so long as you act accordingly. Where to start? There's so much to tell! Here's a list of news and updates:

1. AFROGALACTIK Album Release Party

Amazing turnout and even more amazing energy!!! And then the shady a** police came and shut down our event that we worked tirelessly to make happen. Goes to show it really does not matter whether you are a black person doing something positive, especially for the community, anyone or anything that feels they are above you will try their best to destroy you. But enough talk about the oppressor. The affair was awesome and I am very proud and appreciate of all the people they came to support our cause - from the live artists to the vendors to everyone! Check out some photos below.

Photography by Ms. Lovely Photography.

2. AFROPUNK + Regal Therapy

I still can't believe Afropunk got cancelled! Although we were really looking forward to some powerful performances and great networking (not to mention sales!), circumstances still worked out for the better. Friday night: partied our asses off. Had to dance off that steam somehow. Shout out to The Sound Table! Fast forward to Sunday and after a very fun and enticing brunch at Negril Village, we now have our product in a good ole' Atlanta brick and mortar BLACK-OWNED business. BOOM! You can now find our latest batch of Regal Therapy Body Butter at Moods Music (1131 Euclid Avenue Atlanta GA 30307 US).

3. Future Western: Freedom to be Regal Fall Collection

It's officially October. Do you know what that means? Our third year anniversary is almost here! To celebrate this milestone we will be releasing our Fall/Winter line on October 22nd. This collection has been enormously inspired by Southwestern cultural, specifically cultural influences from Screwston, Texas. We have infused Future African Diaspora themes with traditional Western apparel, such as long sleeve button ups, ponchos, and 70's styled flair pants. Contrary to popular belief, the SouthWest has a very colorful and bold style, so expect to see that influence throughout the Fall/Winter line! Make sure to  mark your calendars - OCTOBER 12TH ! If you follow our Instagram you might have already gotten a small preview of whats to come. But there is so much more! Stay tuned + stay supportive.