da summa aint ovah 2k19

This mix from bliberation is a blend of house, hip hop, and tropical vibes from across the diaspora. Its an upbeat mixture of sounds to keep you moving like your in a sweaty house party in the summer. When we think of summer we can’t ignore the how the earth has responded recently with the constant pollution and destruction of native environments. The summa literally isn’t over for lots of communities in the diaspora that are directly affected by the corprate destruction of our homes. So this is collection of sounds to remind our selves that it is ok to dance and have a good time while we fight for our collective liberation.

Tracklist and link below :)

da summa aint ovah tracklist graff.png
da summa aint ovah trackilst wheelie.png


This past weekend PERCEPTION opened its doors for the first time. Beginnings are so exciting and this one was no different. Check out the experience in photo and video below:

PERCEPTION is an interactive art space that celebrates healing by use of unconventional stimuli and creative collaboration.